The Puerto Rican Crested Toad Conservancy – PRCTC, (formerly the Species Survival Plan (SSP)) is a cooperative breeding and conservation program administered with the Association of Zoos and Aquariums  (AZA). It is recognized that captive breeding is not the sole solution to the numerous species that are experiencing major declines in the wild. However, in certain cases, scientifically managed breeding programs, along with public education, scientific research, habitat preservation and reintroduction are essential to species recovery.


In 1984, the Puerto Rican crested toad became the first amphibian to receive SSP status and is considered a Green SSP, since the population is greater than 50 individuals and is able to maintain over 90% genetic diversity at 100 years or 10 generations. The SSP is guided by a working master plan that defines goals and objectives for the program. Recovery goals include island-wide education outreach, protection and restoration of existing habitat, creation of new ponds to support six self-sustaining metapopulations (three in the north and three in the south) and research. The PRCTC has developed many partnerships over the years and recovery efforts are executed through an MOU between the USFWS, PRDNER and PRCTC.

PRCTC Management Committee and Advisors:

Diane Barber, Conservation Program Coordinator, Fort Worth Zoo

Dustin Smith, Conservation Program Vice Coordinator and Studbook Keeper,  North Carolina Zoo

Jessi Krebs, Advisor, Omaha’s Henry Doorly Zoo

Bob Johnson, Advisor, Toronto Zoo (retired)

Andrew Lentini, Advisor, Toronto Zoo

Mindy Sommer, Education Advisor, Disney’s Animal Kingdom

Dean Williams, Genetic Advisor, Texas Christian University

Kaela Beauclerc, Genetic Advisor,  Trent University, Ontario, Canada

Robert Barber, Genetic Advisor, University of North Texas Health and Science Center

Jessica Ray, Population Biology Advisor, Lincoln Park Zoo

Andy Kouba, Reproductive Physiology Advisor, Memphis Zoo

Eduardo Valdes, Nutrition Advisor, Disney’s Animal Kingdom

Graham Crawshaw, Veterinary Advisor, Toronto Zoo

Ryan De Voe, Veterinary Advisor, Disney’s Animal Kingdom

Shannon Ferrell, Veterinary Advisor, Granby Zoo, Québec, Canada

Jenessa Gjeltema, Veterinary Research Advisor, North Carolina State University

Carlos Pacheco, Field Advisor, USFWS, Caribbean Office, Puerto Rico

2014 SSP Captive Breeding Member Institutions:

Buffalo Zoological Gardens, Cleveland Metroparks Zoo, Detroit Zoo, Disney’s Animal Kingdom, Fort Worth Zoo, Jacksonville Zoo, Tampa’s Lowry Park Zoo, Nashville Zoo, Oakland Zoo, Omaha’s Henry Doorly Zoo, Potter Park Zoo, Queens Zoo, San Antonio Zoo, Sedgwick County Zoo, Toronto Zoo, Zoo Miami.

2014 SSP Contributing Member Institutions

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